Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Close ...

I am determined to finish my Habitat Challenge quilt for this Thursday's Dallas MQG meeting, even though we really don't have to have them done.  I finished all my flying geese last week and discovered that I needed more gray to finish the top.  I knew the fabric was a Bella solid, but there is no marking on the selvedge, so I didn't know exactly WHICH gray it was.  I already had two shades, one lighter than what I needed, so after much online examination and agonizing, I ordered Bella Gray last Monday.  I wanted to be able to dive right in today and not make any more trips to the store.  The fabric came within a day.  It's on the left.  What I need is on the right.

I didn't need Bella gray, I need Bella silver.  Aaarrrgggg!!!  So, back to the store I went today, fabric swatch in hand to ensure I got the right color this time.

I should still be able to finish the top, if not the entire quilt by Thursday.  We're also starting a round robin bee and I need to complete a center block for that.  AND, we're swapping zipper pouches.  At least THAT is done!

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