Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have not knit since I was in college.  That was an awful lot of years ago.  But last month at one of my quilt group meetings, Marti was knitting a ruffled scarf.  It looked easy, she said it was easy, that the yarn does all the work, that it doesn't matter what size or kind of needles you have.  She promised to show us how if we brought the special yarn and needles to the next meeting.  So, last night, armed with a skein of beautiful yarn from my friend Karen's shop, Yarn and Stitches, and an ancient pair of needles, I learned how to knit a ruffled scarf.  It still feels awkward, but I'm making good progress.  And I LOVE the color!

It looks rather like a caterpillar, doesn't it?

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