Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Pillow Day

No, not a nap day, although curling up under a snuggly quilt sure sounds good after the cold front that came through last night.  Today I finally made the pillow shams to go with the new bed quilt that I finished about a month ago.  When I made the quilt, I pieced a back for it out of miscellaneous batiks I had that went with the top.  There was a double strip of 4" squares through it.  There were fat quarters and pieces of yardage in it.  I tried twice to square it up so that it would load on my longarm, but I just couldn't get it right.  I even quilted two rows that I ended up picking out.  So I gave up on the pieced back.  I could have taken it all apart and folded up those fabrics and put them away, but I didn't. 

So today, I cut up that back to make the pillow shams.  It was a pain trying to manipulate all that fabric (the equivalent of a queen size sheet), but since everything was already sewn together, all I needed was to cut two pieces 24" by 28".  I quilted the tops and just made pocket backs so that a regular bed pillow can slip right in.

You can see the bed quilt in the background.  I would have taken the picture with the pillows actually on the bed, but I was too lazy to make it.  It IS Saturday, after all!


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