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Chicopee Plaid, 94"x94", NFS


 I love quilts.  I love the stories of quilts.  My grandmother quilted, and although she died before I was able to watch her quilt, I still have the Double Wedding Ring quilt she made me when I was a child.  It's in tatters because I loved it to pieces, but I treasure every stitch and every patch of fabric.  I also have the quilt she made my brother and several hand-pieced but unquilted tops.  It was those tops that started me on my own quilting journey.  I wanted to finish them, so I had to learn how to quilt for myself.

I've sewn since I was 11, mostly clothing, but quilting came to me late.  I quickly learned that I love every aspect of quilting -- choosing the fabric, deciding on a design, cutting, stitching, quilting, and even binding the edges at the very end of the process.  I love traditional quilts in soft calicoes to snuggle under while reading a book.  I love the clean lines, open spaces, and bright colors of the new modern quilts to hang on a wall or cover a bed.  I've made them all.

I would like to made a quilt for you to love.  You can choose a quilt that is already completed or  I can made you a quilt based on your design and color choices.  We can work together to find what you like best.  I use only 100% high-quality cotton fabric and thread.  I use either 100% cotton batting, which produces a nice crinkly look after the quilt has been washed, or a blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester for greater durability.  All quilts are made in a smoke-free home.  They are machine washable in warm water and may be dried in the dryer on a medium setting.  Above all, they are meant to be used and loved.

And my grandmother's unfinished quilts?  They are still unfinished, but I'll get to them some day!

If you would like to discuss a quilt of your own or to give as a gift, please contact me.