Sunday, March 25, 2012

Car Trash Bags

I haven't been doing much quilting lately, except to make my 9 blocks to trade next month and put the border on my current bee block.  Miss Em has been home on spring break and I've enjoyed spending time with her, even if she beat me at bowling yesterday.  Well, we each won a game and decided to call it quits when we were both ahead.  She left this evening and probably won't be home again until the end of the semester in May.  I miss her already.

Yesterday was also my birthday.  In addition to bowling, Miss Em and I had lunch together, then Mr. T joined us for dinner at my favorite seafood restaurant.  One should not have to cook on one's birthday!

Miss Em surprised me by telling me she wanted a car trash bag like one I had pinned on Pinterest.  So, today before she left, I made her one.  I made it just like the tutorial, but had to shorten the strap considerably.

It's sitting on the front seat in the first picture and hanging from her emergency brake in the bottom pic.  I liked how well it turned out and how dead easy it was, so I decided to make one for myself, too!

Mine is smaller and not quite so deep, but it fits my car perfectly, hanging from the gearshift.  Now I'll have somewhere to put that trash besides on the passenger seat.


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