Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Block Exchange

A small group I belong to is doing a monthly block exchange.  Each of the 9 of us makes 9 of the same block, all in batiks.  Then at our monthly meeting, we each get one of each of the other's blocks.  It's taken us several months to figure out how to actually do the exchange without getting confused, so that everyone ends up with 9 different blocks.  Someone usually accidentally takes two, or misses one, so that it doesn't come out even in the end.  We finally just pass each stack around the table, each person taking a block until they are all gone, then pass the next stack.  This month's exchange went perfectly -- except we had an absent member, so someone had to collect for her and she will have to bring her blocks next time.

These were the March blocks:

I love all the different batiks and when the quilt is all finished, they all look fantastic together.  Here is a picture of a finished quilt (not mine, unfortunately!):

I did the same block swap a couple of  years ago with an online group, but that one is still a WIP. :)  All the blocks are together, but I haven't sashed them and then there's that border!  I've got the black and white checkerboard sewn on the piano keys, but I still need to assemble it all.  Sounds like a good retreat project!

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  1. You're going to have one gorgeous quilt when you finish yours!


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